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Founder's Message


Why I founded Mindful Psychotherapy Inc.

- Archana Jajodia, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

I am committed to helping others and reducing suffering. I believe we hold the key to our own liberation, and it is my life's purpose to help my clients find that place within themselves in a non-judgmental, compassionate way.


Helping others connect fully with the purpose and meaning of their lives, helps me bring purpose and meaning to my own life.

Feeling stuck in a hole (addiction, depression, anxiety) is a common human experience. Negative thoughts, beliefs, and old habits keep us stuck in negative life situations.  At Mindful Psychotherapy, we are committed to helping our clients see themselves in a compassionate light. We are committed to helping reduce the power of negative thoughts on actions.


With some help our clients recognize their choices and how they could live their life more fully. As they do this, they no longer feel stuck. Sharing this experience of freedom and fulfillment with them has helped me realize the wonderful opportunity for growth that suffering often brings. It has made my own life more joyful. This is why I founded Mindful Psychotherapy.

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